Natural and resource potential

Natural and resource potential

The region has a significant natural resource potential, which is based on mineral, land, water, forest and recreational resources.

Mineral resources.

On territory of district are placed 5 deposits of construction sand (Yasnyske, Lozynske-1, Lozynske-2, Velykopilske, Starytske), 2 deposits of gas (Kokhanivske and Svydnytske), 3 deposits of clay Kokhanivske, Rohiznyanske, Lis-Okinske), deposit of peat, 3 deposits of mineral waters (Shklivska well number 177, deposits “Nemyrivske” and “Spoluky”) and 5 deposits of fresh water (“Volya Dobrostanivska”, “Kamyanobrid”, “Malchytsi”, “Ryasna-Ruske”, “Nemyrivske”).

Land resources.

Agricultural land area is 67.0 thousand ha (43.3% of the total area), of which arable land is 36.2 thousand ha, perennial plantings – 1.3 thousand ha, hayfields – 5.9 thousand ha and pastures – 23.6 thousand ha.

Water Resources.

Trend Bodies of the region occupies about 2.5% of the area (3.6 thousand ha).

Forest resources.

Forests cover 39.9% of the area (61.6 thousand ha). Forest resources are suitable for commercial use, in particular for the production of industrial wood and byproducts forest use.

Protected areas.

Available material and technical resources of Reserve “Roztochchya” and Yavoriv National Park provide an opportunity to use phytotherapeutic forms for recovery and treatment of people.

Recreational Resources.

Resources of recreational use occupy 125.9 ha, of health purpose – 89.5 hectares and of nature protection – 11 705,8 ha. The wealth of mineral waters with curative properties of “Naftusya” Myrgorodska (Anna), that are concentrated in the area of villages Shklo and Nemyriv and also natural medicinal substances (peloids) contributed to the creation of health resorts “Nemyriv” and “Shklo” in these region. Before the beginning of the XIX century in the Upper Neogene sediments on the western slope of the sources of rivers Shklo and Vereshchytsia were built the first Lviv water intakes. As a result of spring water filtration through the top layers of litotamni limestone, crystals of gypsum and enrichment of sulfur compounds formed mineral springs (Shklo, Nemyriv). Nemyriv mud is the best in western Ukraine, its sand is also curative.