Yavoriv district of Lviv region is a region in which the principles of social partnership between local government, business, science and education, financial institutions and civic society areembodied in practice.

Yavoriv district has a favorable boundary location: its western part borders with the Republic of Poland (Jaroslaw and Lubaczow districts), eastern – with the regional center of Lviv, north-eastern – with Zhovkva district, and southern – with Gorodok and Mostyska districts of Lviv region.

In terms of the area (1544km?) the district ranks second in Lviv Region.

  • Yavoriv region is located at the crossroads of international routes “east-west”:railway routes (Yavoriv-Lviv, Yavoriv-Dolynskyi)
  • roads of state importance Lviv Krakovets (European route M-10 (or A-4)) – in 2011 it was made a major repair with replacement of the roadway and Dobrosyn-Nemyriv-State Border;
  • roads of regional importance (Horodok-Yavoriv-Hrushiv);
  • local roads.

The direct neighbourhood to the districts of Poland enhances the economic potential of the area.

On the border with Poland there are 2 crossing points:”Krakovets-Korczowa” and “Hrushiv-Budomezh”.