Industrial and economic potential

Industrial and economic potential

Yavoriv district has a highly developed production and economic potential. Priority economic activities in the area are manufacturing and agriculture. Other activities occupy less than 10% of the economic structure of the area.

The structure of the economy of the district by economic activity

Spheres of economic activity Share in the structure, %
Year – 2005 Year – 2011
Manufacturing 54,29 69,67
Agriculture 36,79 21,88
Construction 2,18 1,44
Transport and communication 2,57 3,40
Real estate 2,61 1,38
Health care and social assistance 1,25 0,92
Others 0,32 1,32

The main sectors of regional industry are chemical and petrochemical industries, metallurgy and metal processing, food processing and processing of agricultural products, light industry, production of wood and wood products, pulp and paper, mining industries, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products and industry of production of building materials.

The most powerful industrial enterprises of Yavoriv district, including foreign investment are:

  • “Baker-Ukraine” Ltd. – manufacturing of waffle cones and ice cream packing;
  • “Galytska zdoba” Ltd. – confectionery production;
  • “Sniezka-Ukraine” Ltd. – production of paints, varnishes, putty;
  • “Euroshpon” Ltd. – production of veneer of oak;
  • “Joha-Ukraine” Ltd. – production of children’s clothes;
  • “Yavipark” Ltd. – lumber production;
  • “YaC-BOL” Ltd. – production of parquet;
  • “Fakro-Orbita” Ltd. – production of roof windows;
  • “CAN PACK” Ltd. – production of packaging containers of light metal;
  • “Holger Christian Production Ukraine” Subsidiary – regeneration of starters.

Agricultural enterprises of the district specialize in growing vegetables, potatoes, forage crops, broiler chickens and pigs.“Udar” farm and “Agrol” Ltd. are engaged in breeding and rearing of broiler chickens. “Agrokultura Ltd. and “Landcom Ltd. are engaged in sowing of winter oilseed rape, maize and spring wheat. “Provimi”Ltd. is engaged in production of premixes, concentrates, feed additives. “Kormotech” Ltd. is engaged in production of feeds for non-productive animals.