Conference “Industrial parks” 2014

Conference “Industrial parks” 2014

International Conference “Industrial Parks: Opportunities and Perspectives of Industry Development”
Lviv, Ukraine – June 5-6, 2014

1. Tendencies of Industrial Parks Development

1.1. State Support for the Development of Industrial Parks in Ukraine

  • “National Projects “Industrial parks of Ukraine”
  • The experience of public-private partnership in the creation and development of industrial parks
  • Strategic analysis of the possibility of creating industrial parks in Lviv region

1.2. Industrial Parks and Economic Development of Areas

  • The role of industrial parks in mobilizing domestic and foreign direct investment
  • Industrial parks as a tool to enhance the competitiveness of regional economy and promote the development of local suppliers and local supply chains
  • Industrial parks as a tool to attract highly qualified human resources and return them from abroad

1.3. Planning of Industrial Parks: National and International Experience

  • Location advantages: Selection of sites for industrial and business parks
  • The choice of the concept of industrial park and preparing the master plan
  • State support in improving the accessibility of areas

1.4. Managing a Successful Industrial Park

  • Attracting foreign direct investment in the sphere of technological and industrial parks
  • Improving the competitiveness of industrial parks
  • Successful management experience of industrial parks


2. Industry Development

2.1. Industry Development: Opportunities for Regions

  • Provision of land and infrastructure for industrial companies
  • Infrastructure development of industrial areas: new opportunities and prospects for PPP

2.2. Development of Eco-technologies: Trends and Opportunities

  • Prospects for the development of eco-technologies in Ukraine
  • Eco-industrial parks: efficient use of resources, industrial symbiosis and eco-innovation
  • Creation and development of eco-industrial parks: success stories and practical lessons

2.3. Development of Logistics Centers in Ukraine: Prospects and Opportunities

  • Prediction of market development of logistics services in Ukraine and its regions
  • Formation of regional logistics infrastructure. Customs logistics
  • The territorial organization of logistics centers location

2.4. Dealing with investors in Ukraine