Seminar “Practical aspects of decentralization and forming capable communities” in Kyiv

On November, 19-20 the  team  of Yavoriv Local Economy Development Agency and Yavoriv District State Administration participated ion seminar “Practical aspects of decentralization and forming capable communities”, which was held in Kyiv within the framework of the EU project “Support to local government reform in Ukraine”. This project implemented by Civil Society Institute and East Europe Foundation  with support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the program DESPRO. 

More than 100 representatives of public organizations participated in the seminar. There were winners of grants from the pilot regions of project (Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Luhansk and Donetsk), experts on decentralization and local development, representatives of local and national media.

Within two days of the workshop the participants worked out five modular topics that highlight main practical issue of reform. In particular, they talked about legislative support decentralization and changes to the Constitution and laws of Ukraine as a key element of the complete decentralization and local government reform and about what kinds practical consequences this will have for communities. It was also important to present the first steps and algorithm of actions in communities that only united.  The participants  paid  attention to the topic of work with the public in matters of explanations process reform  to communities. Especially lively discussion provoked the topic about formation and execution of budgets united voluntarily  communities. Experienced trainers had presented the tools and financial resources for territorial development, including opportunities support of the State Fund for Regional Development.

Andrew Ginkul, head of the EU project “Support to Local Government Reform in Ukraine”, in his speech said that the by combining efforts of non-governmental organizations, communities and local authorities, Ukrainian and international experts, involving grants from the European Union, the project team is working to maintain the process of decentralization of power, empowerment of communities and the formation effective public administration.”The key to effective implementation of reforms is the understanding and support of the community. The main partner of the government in this process should be public organizations and the media. We have attracted the best Ukrainian   experts to talk about the nature and practical steps to implement the reform”- noted Victor Lyach, president of East Europe Foundation. 

East Europe Foundation had  supported  23 NGOs that won the grant competition from all six target regions of Project. Local Economic Development Agency of Yavoriv district is among winners. The main tasks for NGO will providing expert assistance to citizens in the development of the legal framework, improving awareness of residents of the community about the aims, objectives and prospects of communities, wide implementation mechanisms of local democracy in the process of a voluntary association of communities, attraction of additional resources in the community from public and private funds.